Nop Nest
All in one Theme

Responsive Design

A flexible design that is compatible with various screens and devices, ensuring that your website looks great on any device.

SEO Optimization

SEO-optimized themes improve website rankings on search engines through clean code, fast loading times, and optimized content.


Powerful customization capabilities that allow users to easily change colors, fonts, layouts, and other design elements to fit their brand.

User Experience

A user-friendly interface with clear instructions and logical links makes it easy for users to find information and perform desired actions.


Fast page loading speeds ensure that the website runs smoothly and improves the user experience.

Custom Widgets

Custom widgets allow users to add functionality and content to their website without any coding knowledge.


The Best NopCommerce Plugins

  • Anywhere Sliders 1

    Displaying a highly customizable slider throughout the website is possible.

  • Smart Collections 2

    Displaying a list of products with various customization options is feasible.

  • Sale of the day 3

    Allowing the option to highlight flash sale products over running campaigns is possible.

  • Quick Tabs 4

    Customizing tabs on the product page and building them according to the principles of minimalism is achievable.

  • 4Jcarousel

    Displaying images, banners, content, and products can be done according to your preferences.

  • 6Instant search

    Customizing the Instant Search toolbar with high performance and an exceptional interface is achievable.

  • 7Dynamic content

    Displaying HTML content anywhere and customizing it extensively in nopCommerce is possible.

  • 8W3Nop SEO

    Setting up advanced SEO functionalities and configuring sitemaps can be done to enhance the search engine optimization of your website.


Price & Plans Packages


$ 98

Single Domain License
  • Include 8 premium plugins
  • Free setup
  • Standard support
  • Single Domain License
  • Lifetime update


$ 198

Three Domain License
  • Include 8 premium plugins
  • Free setup
  • Standard support
  • 3 Domain License
  • Lifetime update


$ 498

Multiple Domains License
  • Include 8 premium plugins
  • Free setup
  • Premium support
  • Multiple Domains License
  • Lifetime update